About Us

Mugs have always been a common gift during the holidays. Christmas. Birthdays. Weddings. Baby Showers. Halloween. Canada Day (Hey – any excuse to get a mug!) I have found my collection of them continuously growing over the past few years, as well as my taste for them (and my hubby’s noticed.) How many times have you stopped in a store to admire some of the well decorated porcelain mugs in the window, or found yourself admiring the clay artisan mugs at your local coffee shop.

I realized that over the years I had collected a fair assortment and wondered if there were any others like me. I noticed there were a couple mug reviews but mainly for travel mugs. No one took the time to compliment these beautiful works of art that hold our cozy drinks when reading a good book or cheer us up after a long day or (most common) wake us up at work.

This is where it starts.
Mugsnleaf shows a select collection of mugs all ranging from well-known name brands, local artisans, ceramic artists, etc. Here, you can get your favourite mugs, what recipes go great with it, what the best thing is about that mug and all the cutest and coziest finds!

Sincerely, April Martin