Review: Script Tea

Sometimes the destination is not the purpose of the adventure, but the process involved. You ever find yourself driving to go pick up something with someone and find the car ride, the music and the chatting ended being the high light of the whole trip to begin with? Yeah me too. After all, not all journeys are about getting somewhere.



  • Looks: White tea cup with black script saying Not All Journeys are about getting Somewhere. A pairing blue and white plate with the script again written on the side.
  • Quality: Porcelain. 14 oz.
  • Rarity: Common
  • Overall:  This mug is cute in its small inspirational wonder to just enjoy life as a whole and let it be. This means a lot as the gift came from my husband as we have this shared knowledge that I am the planner, the anxious busy-body who always looks forward to the goal and can’t stand change whereas he’s all about the flow and ebb of life and allowing change to happen in all sorts of ways, and he’s taught me how to relax over the years and that it’s really, not the end the world if something doesn’t go according to plan (like I don’t get a post or a photo up on time). That’s the beauty of it though, the destination doesn’t have to be the result of why you were on the adventure to begin with.

Gift Recommendation: Female or Male. Blue. white. Script. Vintage love. Teacups and enthusiats.

Get the mug: Selling at 11.99 from Hallmark. 



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