Review: Stripes and Colour

What’s Black and White and…hot all over? Okay, not the best joke in the book, but this mug is perfectly modern and has creative and “Bold” all over it, you with me? Perfect for all those Boss Ladies getting stuff done and know what’s what.


  • Looks: Bold Black and White mug with a splash of colour on the handle. Black on the inside and the brand name written in white on the side.
  • Quality: Porcelain. 14 oz. (microwave & dishwasher safe, yay)
  • Rarity: Common
  • Overall:  I like how functional and decent sized it is. I love the matte black inside (did I mention Im a geek for mugs that aren’t just labeled & shippped. I appreciate craftman ship ayo) And I have to give Starbucks quality points because their mugs never fail to deliver on that scale. Conventiently, this also would look great with their new black and white mocha line. This would also work great for those of us who don’t want too much distraction, but something balanced, chic and modern.

Gift Recommendation: Female Boss. Black and White. Stripes. Zebras undercover. Artists. Office work and writing inspiration. Modern. Yellow.

Get the mug: Selling at 13.99 from Starbucks.



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