Bookish Sunday: Four

This re-telling of beauty and the beast is chalk full of Strong Female Characters, Fae kindoms, Awesome Fantasy and not to mention some page-turners involving the romances. Maas does it again –  with a lot of castles, seasons and courts.


  • Book: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.  This is a YA Fantasy novel set in a russian-inspired magical universe where it follows Kazz Brekker and his band of misfits who are attempting a heist to break into the Ice Court and find the hostage responsable for creating a certain Drug that dangerously alters and enhances the Grisha power. Bardugo is incredibly good at creating a visual immerse experience that will leave you wanting more. To fully appreciate the Bardugo Universe I would reccomend reading the Grisha Trilogy of Nina first.
  • Drink: Some Baileys Hot Chocolate does the trick.
  • Challenge of the Week:  Do something artistic. Paint a picture. Photograph a series of people. Write on a story prompt. Learn your favourite song on a guitar or piano.
  • Journal Entry of the Week: What’s your favourite season and why? Mine is Autumn (obviously) for the hot drinks, sweater weather and gorgeous colour change in nature. Not to mention Halloween!
  • Song: Crown – Camilla Cabello 
  • Mug: Night Court Mug for $16.


How Bookish Sundays work is my small gift to you (not that it counts for much, but it’s all I can offer!) of recommendations – and a good way to spend your sunday.

Looking for a good book? Wanting to know what the new tea or a good chocolate recipe is? What should set the mood with a certain song? Need new Journal inspiration? Look no further! These things are a sure way to give you that “bookish” sunday that you need, whether it be during a coffee break or just at somepoint throughout your weekend.


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