Review: New Year, New You

If you are going to rise, you might as well Shine – especially with a nice, hot mocha to help you! This ‘Shine On’ mug is wonderfully inspirational and reminds us all that on those dark and dreary wednesday mornings… the fact that Friday is just around the corner can just about light up anyone’s day.


  • Looks: Matt Cerulean Blue with Gold Caligraphy.
  • Quality: Stoneware. 16 oz. (not microwave friendly)
  • Rarity: Abott Finds
  • Overall:  This is adorable in every way that says WAKE UP and smell the glorious coffee, even though you don’t want to yet. It’s the New Year version of a wake-up call in which your future mornings might not have to be so dull. The matte really helps the glossy gold stick out, and it’s big and roomy for lots of liquid space. The main shape of the mug isn’t too out-there, it’s pretty standard.

Gift Recommendation: Female and Male. New Year. Blue and Gold. Classy. Starcrossed lovers. Space enthusiasts. Inspirational memorabilia.

Get the mug: Any local Loblaw.



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