Bookish Sunday: Three

The Anti-Hero theives of Kaz Brekker in the Grisha Univers is rich full of intriguing characters, plot twists and enchanting visual descriptions that bring the reader to an entirely other world on its own. ‘Tis the Season for this book to steal your breath away.


  • Book: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.  This is a YA Fantasy novel set in a russian-inspired magical universe where it follows Kazz Brekker and his band of misfits who are attempting a heist to break into the Ice Court and find the hostage responsable for creating a certain Drug that dangerously alters and enhances the Grisha power. Bardugo is incredibly good at creating a visual immerse experience that will leave you wanting more. To fully appreciate the Bardugo Universe I would reccomend reading the Grisha Trilogy of Nina first.
  • Drink: What else but a Peppermint Mocha White Russian. It’s not Kvas but its tasty, hot and did I mention – vodka?
  • Challenge of the Week:  Challenge you to give more with your heart rather than your wallet. What can you give that might say that?
  • Journal Entry of the Week: If you had the chance, where would you travel? Moscow, Germany or Sweden?
  • Song: Under your Spell – The Sweepling
  • Mug: Unfortunately has been discontinued. Was part of the loblaw christmas collection. If you like the tea cup shape you can get something similar at Terrsera here for $6.53 or you can get a similar design here. from CustomMadeHeaven for $12.37


How Bookish Sundays work is my small gift to you (not that it counts for much, but it’s all I can offer!) of recommendations – and a good way to spend your sunday.

Looking for a good book? Wanting to know what the new tea or a good chocolate recipe is? What should set the mood with a certain song? Need new Journal inspiration? Look no further! These things are a sure way to give you that “bookish” sunday that you need, whether it be during a coffee break or just at somepoint throughout your weekend.


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