Review: Forest Pine

Back again into the Holiday season (its almost as if we never left!) we have a forest minimalistic inspired gift for you. Why not enjoy the season and add to your rustic christmas kitchen decor with this mug! The Isoscetrees (math humour, ha!) Rustic Mug is something maybe your hubby can find under tree – you know, instead of the value of X (wah wah wahh).


  • Looks: White with small pine trees of various shades of green with a blue interior. Black lip rim.
  • Quality: Porcelain. 13 oz.
  • Rarity: Special Holiday Collection
  • Overall:  It’s a very cute & simple design that goes up against any traditional and perhaps, kiche christmas mugs. I can see this mug already, in the hands of someone waking up in the alpines, looking out of the frosted window of their small cabin, wrapped in comfy, flannel blankets. Or maybe, just adding a touch of classy christmas to your already growing mug collection. (let’s guess which one I am). For those who like their coffee, tea or hot chocolate in a rustic mug that can actually, be used in any season.

Gift Recommendation: Female and Male. Christmas. Simple and Classic. Rustic. David’s Tea enthusiats. Blue. Green. Holidays. Comfort & Flannel. Cabin Delights.

Get the mug: Isoscetrees Rustic Mug from Davids Tea for $15.00


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