Bookish Sunday: Two

A bit of British humour, mixed in with some supernatural romance, impecable victorian standards and a woman with a strong love for tea? How Bookish Sundays work is my small gift to you (not that it counts for much, but it’s all I can offer!) of recommendations – and a good way to spend your sunday.

Looking for a good book? Wanting to know what the new tea or a good chocolate recipe is? What should set the mood with a certain song? Need new Journal inspiration? Look no further! These things are a sure way to give you that “bookish” sunday that you need, whether it be during a coffee break or just at somepoint throughout your weekend.

  • Book: SOULLESS by Gail Carringer. My fondness for Victorian novels has me absolutely in love with this book as well as the others in the collection. This is a Victorian Supernatual genre that borderlines Steampunk follows the adventures of a blue-stocking spinstress named Alexandra Tarabotti who has a rather large nose, curvy figure, and an admiration for anything to do with tea or food. Oh, and the rather big thing is that she’s a “preternatual” in a supernatural victorian london where her ability is able to figure out mysterious disapearances. There’s 5 books in the Parasol Protectorate series and danes with themes such as: treacle tart, mysterious brass-octopus cults, and hunky scottish werewolves. Gail Carringer writes a victorian novel with cheeky humour and a heroine whose blue-stocking comments & knack for being rather practical and brash is worth reading (especially if you like your historical books with a dash of fantasy fun).
  • Drink: With a book that practically thrives off of tea parties & espionage, I had to drink myself some traditional English Breakfast Tea (of course) courtesy of classic Twinnings.
  • Challenge of the Week:  Wear that shirt or dress you’ve been saving for a special time – you deserve it!
  • Journal Entry of the Week: Which accent would you rather have? British, French, Italian or Scottish?
  • Song: Medieval Waters – Carter Burwell
  • Mug: This one’s rather personal but it’s my husbands grandmother’s tea china so I can’t tell you where she got it but nothing beats personal family heirlooms!

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