Bookish Sunday: One

Who doesn’t like adventure, deadly assasins, bad ass heroines and royal balls? How Bookish Sundays work is my small gift to you (not that it counts for much, but it’s all I can offer!) of recommendations – and a good way to spend your sunday.

Looking for a good book? Wanting to know what the new tea or a good chocolate recipe is? What should set the mood with a certain song? Need new Journal inspiration? Look no further! These things are a sure way to give you that “bookish” sunday that you need, whether it be during a coffee break or just at somepoint throughout your weekend.

  • Book: THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J Maas. My first bookish sunday has me going towards one of my favourite series by Sarah J. Maas which is the Throne of Glass series. This is a YA Fantasy genre (be forwarned, I’m into a lot of these) that follows the adventures of Celaena Sardothien, famous theif and assasin of Rifthold, who is competing for her freedom and the chance to be the King’s Champion. There’s 7 books overall with themes such as: lost queens, an ancient magic awakened, a couple romances(it is YA fiction…) and a lot of kick-ass ass whoopin. It also is a well-written female character who doesn’t need anyone to save her because she can save herself and she knows it.
  • Drink: My favourite tea at the moment is David’s Tea Smore’s Chai Tea, which is a seasonal item (*tears*) but is perfect for a blustery day inside. And I can see Celaena immensely enjoying anything to do with chocolate and fire.
  • Challenge of the Week:  Do something you’ve never done before! Eat an exotic dish at a new restaurant, try a new sport or hobby or hell, cross something insane off your bucket list (skydiving anyone?)
  • Journal Entry of the Week: Top 10 Bad-ass things you’ve ever done.
  • Song: Castle – Halsey
  • Mug: Espresso Dreams by Indigo

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