Review: Eggnog Blue

Only 3 more days till Christmas – it’s already that time of the year! Have you finished all your Christmas shopping yet? If you have a friend who likes blue, maybe try this sweet robin egg blue “Berry Branches tea cup” from David’s Tea, accented with gold and white branches. Maybe you can even have your “momma’s only drink” holiday eggnog in it, I won’t tell!


  • Looks: Classic robin egg blue tea cup with white and gold accent berry branches. Blue interior.
  • Quality: Porcelain. 15 oz.
  • Rarity: Special Holiday Collection
  • Overall: I would give this tea cup a 7.5/10. It’s modern, simple design matches perfectly with the simpilicity tea pot set at David’s Tea and is high quality porcelain that lasts more than just a winter. The fun blue interior is also a hoot. Perhaps for those ladies who like their high tea with a hint of modern pastel.

Gift Recommendation: Female. Christmas enthusiasts. Simple and Classic. High Tea Lovers. David’s Tea enthusiats. Glitter and Gold. Holiday

Featured Drink is Featured drink is Nutty and Spice Oolong Tea from David’s Tea

Get the mug: SALE! The Berry Branches Blue Tea Cup is on sale at David Tea Stores for $12.99!!dsc_0314


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