Review: The Gift of Warmth

Is this a delightful soup bowl or is it an autumn toned mug? This gift of warmth comes in a set of 2 or 4, in blue, green, and beige all saying the same welcoming message for anyone whose hungry after being out in the snow “Soup & Crackers.” Come get it while it’s hot!


  • Looks: Vintage Typography mug set of “Soup & Crackers” comes in a set of 2, with green mug. or 4 with blue and beige mug. Sans script, old gothic and arial font spelling message in speckled glaze.
  • Quality: Ceramic-wide 10 oz.
  • Rarity: Japanese Made but found on Etsy
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 6/10. I really like the set and how they looked, however it does not do well under heat apperently and two of them sadly chipped. It might have just been a defect, but it was sad to see (as i was SO excited to gift them!) The warm tones can work for either christmas or autumn season.

Gift Recommendation: Female and Males. People who cant give up Autumn. Graphic Design artists. Christmas gift. Pottery  Barn enthusiasts. Etsy finds. Chowder Fiends. Holiday bundle.

Featured SOUP is: The BEST chilli on earth can be found Here from bloggers Pip and Ebby
For anyone whose a vegetarian, we have a lovely Quinoa Chilli Here

Get the mug: This Vintage Pottery Mug is going for 28.50 by The BlueBench


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