Review: Pink Trees

Who needs a traditional Christmas tree when you can go with a pink and white tree mug with gold glitter stars? Alright, I know it’s a far stretch, but maybe you can think about putting this “under” the Christmas tree then. As of today, David’s Tea holiday bundles are 50% off!


  • Looks: Pale cool pink Tall Mug with tea strainer. Decorated with a white wintery stary tree and glitter ornaments and design.
  • Quality: Ceramic. 12 oz.
  • Rarity: Sspecial Holiday Collection
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 7/10. I love the design, but I found it a little plain. The cool pink is rather a throw off for me (too 80s wallpaper tone) but never the less, still cute for anyone wanting something pink and christmasy.

Gift Recommendation: Female. Christmas enthusiasts. Minimalists. Christmas themed gift.  Pink. DavidsTeaMugs. Glitter and Gold. Holiday

Featured Drink is Featured drink is Apple Cider Tea from David’s Tea

Get the mug: This Stary Pink Tree mug is going for $23.99 at David Tea Stores but is sold out online


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