Review: White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas – and a cute mug to add to the collection this season! It seems either way, my dreams have come true and when you’ve spent the entire day playing in the snow, it’s a warm and joyous thought to come back to a white hot chocolate steaming from this gorgeous mug. These adorable gold polkadots on the mug mug is something to celebrate – no matter what the weather.


  • Looks: Adorable New Years design with gold confetti circles engraved into the white mug
  • Quality: Ceramic. 12 oz. Dishwasher & Microwave safe!
  • Rarity: One of a kind, only in store at Krause Berry Farm/Nom Living
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 9/10. I LOVE this mug with all my heart, its so cute, matches the kitchen, matches my glittery tree and holds hot drinks no problem. Non Living is a great quality collections store and everything is hand crafted! It’s also very afforable, for only $12.99 and you can pop it in the microwave and dishwasher. Perfect gift for anyone with a slight taste for chic things that pop this christmas.

Gift Recommendation: Female. Christmas enthusiasts. Minimalists. Christmas themed gift.  Chic. New Years Couples. Glitter and Gold.

Featured Drink is Featured drink is The Best White Hot Chocolate from blogger: The Baker Upstairs.

Get the mug: The mug is exclusive for Nom  Living stores or its partners (Krause Berry Farm in Langley) However, feel free to check out their amazing website at


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