Review: Lights, Camera, Mugs!

Lights, Camera, Mugs! Don’t be fooled, I’m not holding one of my camera lenses! This is in fact a camera lens mug from thisiswhyimbroke that you can enjoy your morning brew in. Cameras, Mugs and of course Coffee: These are a few of my favourite things. When you’re out shooting stories, you’ll surely turn many heads when people see you drinking out of it.


  • Looks: Detailed black camera lens mug, 200mm fake lens comes with detachable lens cap that you can keep your cookies on!
  • Quality: Plastic. 15 oz. Good for on the go, but doesn’t retain warmth.
  • Rarity: easy to find and buy
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 8.5/10 for it’s gag stunt as well as the fact that it’s a camera lens coffee mug (had me fooled the first time!) It also has a les cap, so its good when you’re drinking on the go! (however no double-inlay, so better drink that coffee quick.) If that feature would have been included, I probably would have given it a 9. This gift is great for photography enthusiasts or people who want to appear to be photographers!

Gift Recommendation: Female and Male. Photographer. Black. Comic. Teen. Camera. Modern.

Featured Drink is Featured drink is Doi Chaang Coffee Co.

Get the mug: Camera Lens Coffee Mug $19.99 at


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