Review: The Pink Teapot

What happens when I say, don’t think of Pink Elephants! I feel a little tickled pink with this Bubble Teapot from David’s Tea. Delicate, pink and pinterest-worthy – Who doesn’t love pretty things that accent their kitchens? Black Friday sale starts this week with $10 off $75 purchase or $20 off $100 purchases!


  • Looks: Pale pink bubble tea pot, with modern lid and disfuser. It’s cute in its simplicity and matches any kitchen with pink accents.
  • Quality: Ceramic. 24 oz.
  • Rarity: Common but Sold Out
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 7/10. It’s a simple, basic teapot perfect for serving tea to guests. The design is quaint and can fit into any kitchen-shelf. Keeps the tea warm, doesn’t crack and heck, it looks like it can be on a Martha Steward cooking show. Perfect gift for any girly-girl or pinterest lover.

Gift Recommendation: Female. Pink. Teapot. Vintage. Modern. Chic. Ceramic.

Featured Drink is Featured drink is David’s Tea new festive drink, Santa’s Secret.

Get the teapot: Teapot now sold out. HOWEVER there is a similar pink teapot this season called the “Confetti Simplicity Teapot” at Davidstea.


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