Review: Creative To-Go Mug

Who doesn’t want to drink coffee, create stuff and sleep? Bring out the inner-artist in you with this Graphic Travel Mug from Urban Planet. Every striving writer or struggling artist needs a dose of inspiration in the morning.


  • Looks: 20oz travel mug – White Ceramic with blue ink quote and blue paisley, creative design around the sides. Blue silicone lid.
  • Quality: Ceramic. 20 oz (leak proof guarantee).
  • Rarity: Sold at any local urban planet, quotes vary.
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 5/10. This mug is more about what is cute versus what is quality. The design is fun and it varries for each store, however even though it talks about being leak proof, I still see it happening. It’s good if you’re in the car and dont want your tea or coffee to spill, however if its bumpy or theres the slightest tilt, it can leak easily. Also, the ceramic is prone to not being fortified so these crack sadly if the tea is too hot over time. Overall, its a cute mug, but maybe not something for long-term use. Good as a christmas gift for you kids or teens in high school if you want to get  cheap, cute travel mug.

Gift Recommendation: Female. Blue. White. Creative. Teenager. Artist. Ceramic. Bohemian.

Featured Drink is my favourite holiday drink is Tim Hortins French Vanilla. You can buy them in bulk at any local superstore.

Get the mug: Sold at any local urban planet, can be bought online however cannot see customization. Here


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