Review: Starbucks Polarbears

When I think of Christmas, sometimes I think about the old Coca-Cola commercials with santa claus or Polar bears, anyone else? This double-mug gift comes in black with mint handle or espresso mint mug with black handle. Both have the adorable polar bear design. Christmas meets modernism (and it can pass as non-christmas too if you want to keep it around.)


  • Looks: 8oz mug – black with mint handle, white line designed and two small cute polar bears, as well as an espresso mug (4oz) in mint with black handle and similar white design with polar bears.
  • Quality: Ceramic. 8 oz & 4oz.
  • Rarity: Sold at any local starbucks
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 6/10. This mug is cute and fun, and I love that it comes with not only one mug, but two, however for the cost and as cute as the design is, its much too small for my pleasure and I would rather put that towards a larger mug. I would recomend this as more of a decorative mug for the modern christmas lover.

Gift Recommendation: Female or Male. Mint. White. Black. Christmas. Modern. Ceramic.

Featured Drink is my favourite holiday drink”Caramel Brulée Latte” at Starbucks. Check out what’s in that sugary-perfection HERE.

Get the mug: Not sold online, sold at any local starbucks.



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