Review: Beauty Mug

Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee while getting ready in the morning? Music playing, eyelashes on fleek –  Bat those big bold lashes while sipping out of this cozy mug during your morning prep! Bought at the Old Pottery Company, This “Mascara Approved” mug is ceramic white with a cute diamond emobssed design. The handle is also LEFT-HANDED!


  • Looks: Knitted, white diamond embossed design with quote in the middle “All I need is Coffee & Mascara. Traditional “Old Pottery Company” little thoughts relief design.
  • Quality: Ceramic. Good design quality. 20 oz
  • Rarity: Mascara mug sold out. Other quotes available.
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 8/10. This mug is simplistic and chic in its white design, however its quote is somewhat cheeky and funny. I love the diamond embossed design and the mugs handle is left handed. This mug was made for any lady who loves her coffee and lipstick or perfect for the inspiring makeup artist. Chic, Cute and Cozy all wrapped in one.

Gift Recommendation: Female. Makeup. White. Artist. White. Ceramic. Chic.

Featured Drink is “is “Sugar-Free Caramel Latte” from Fair Trade Coffee. Check out their website Here. and support Fair Trade Coffee and trades around the world.

Get the mug: Get an Old Pottery Compay mug for $15.99 on Ebay HERE


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