Tea House or Coffee Shop Of The Month: November belongs to local coffee shop Old Hand Coffee located in Abbotsford, BC. This cozy little hole in the wall coffee place is a gem hidden away in the Fraser valley. Do you like vintage finds? Rustic Decor? Good, wholesome food & Great Late art? Look no further, you NEED to visit them! Common regulars seem to include: College Students, Hipster Parents, Plaid wearing writers and scarf wearing ladies.

What’s there to love about this place: Their menu is absolutely quaint, I got a vanilla Latte with a scone, but it seems like they have delicious farmers-market sandwiches and soups. The multiple, mismatching mugs in various designs sent me to heaven, especially the black and copper mug.

Secret or Found: Even though I might have just discovered this place, it seems like the locals have known it’s beauty long before. If you’re coming for a quick place for lunch, look elsewhere. It’s a busy stop with most of the seats usually taken, however don’t let that scare you. If you stick around (and have the time) a seat will open up and you can spend as long as you’d like here (who wouldn’t want to.)

Overall: 8/10. Busy but worth the visit (and the wait!)

Visit their website here:



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