Review: Mint to be happy

You were “Mint” to be happy with this one of a kind ceramic tall tea cup. It is one of the many unique designs over at Karla’s Specialteas, located right in the Fraser Valley. All cups are hand glazed in a variety of styles, colors and sizes! Not to mention her tea is made locally at ferndale farms, with 100% organic herbs and spices and is Vegan friendly and Gluten free.


  • Looks: Unique tall tea cup with mint glaze and finish with logo and embossed top. Handle-less.
  • Quality: Great. Ceramic. Doesn’t change drink texture or taste.
  • Rarity: All uniquely made but easy to get!
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 9/10. I absolutely am in love with the handle-less design, especially since it’s a tall tea mug (more tea – yay!)  not to mention the mint matte look matches my kitchen perfectly. The ceramic finish makes us think of veggie sandwiches, loose-leaf tea and studio spaces. This tea cup was made for that bohemian artist in us all. Great gift idea for that friend who is interessted in something one of a kind!

Gift Recommendation: Female or Male. Mint. Bohemian. Artist. Vegan. Ceramic. Local.

Featured Drink is “CommuniTea” from Karla’s Specialteas, a special black tea mix. Check out her tea HERE

Get the mug: Get your own Ceramic Tea Cup for $15.00 HERE


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