Review: Vintage Japanese Tea Cup

One of my very first mugs, a beautiful  Japanese Vintage tea cup from Japan from my sister on her travels. Delicate, refined and perfect for my Oolong tea. This tea mug was Hand-painted, with its own lid, and sold at one of the local Japanese markets.


  • Looks: Unique Tea cup and individually hand-painted and stained. Blue and White. Comes with matching lid.
  • Quality: Fragile. Porcelain. Cannot put in dishwasher.
  • Rarity: One of a kind (however similar mug below)
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 7.5/10. I have an attachment to it, however fragile or rare or find. It reminds me of high tea, or of a vintage Japanese market. Recommended to any vintage or antique lover wishing to add a beautiful set to their china cabinet.

Gift Recommendation: Female. Vintage. Blue. White. China. Porcelain. High Tea.

Featured Tea is “Orgainc Green Tea” from Fair Trade Coffee. Check out their website Here. and support Fair Trade Coffee and trades around the world.

Get the mug: Similar Japanese Hand-Painted Tea Cup design by TwoCatsVillage: $16.47




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