Review: Owl Mug

The Owl mug is one of my favourites with its teal glaze and embossed owl face. This was one of our first gifts to our happy home together. The Mug was made by Mugshotz as their Woodlands colletion and bought at Lepps Farm in Abbotsford.


  • Looks: Embossed porcelain with teal green glaze. Very cute! Perfect as a complimentary mug to a themed kitchen.
  • Quality: Good. Sturdy. Well Finished.
  • Rarity: Difficult to Find
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 7/10. Mainly because its so stinkin cute (its an owl!) and its teal (for all those ladies who like to match their mint kitchenwear) however, it is hard to find. It’s a unique gift if you can find it in a local market or online!

Gift Recommendation: Male or female. Young. Hipster. Teal. Rustic.

Featured Tea is “Alpine Punch” from Davids Tea. Buy it Here.

Get the mug: Here or online through amazon for $19.99. You can also visit Lepps Farm.


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