Review: Rock Ridge Canyon Mug

The RRC mug is reliable and mountaineer looking with its robin green flecked glaze and Young Life logo. I bought this up on one of my many visits to Canada’s Rock Ridge Canyon


  • Looks: Robin Green Glaze with black and white flecks, with ivory cream logo. Simple and classic mug design.
  • Quality: Good. Sturdy. Well Finished. Large.
  • Rarity: Only Sold at RRC store
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 6/10. Its large, keeps my drink warm, and looks pretty good on my office desk. However it is a bit difficult to get, as you would need to travel to RRC to get it.

Gift Recommendation: Male. Young. Mountaineer. Younglife.

Featured Hot Drink is “Hot Cider Nog” from How Sweet It Is. Check out the recipe Here

Get the mug: Sorry, this mug is only available in store. Find out how to get to RRC Here 


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