Review: Day of the Dead

Happy Halloween Mugns! This sugar skull mug just screams haunted happiness with its glazed black and white design and unique striped handle.  Anyone who loves the day of the dead needs this mug! Bought from Hallmark in Burnaby, Metrotown.


  • Looks: Unique Shape in that of a skull with black and white sugar skull glaze design. The handle is also unique in its placement and with its striped painted glaze.
  • Quality: Good. Ceramic. Cannot put in dishwasher.
  • Rarity: Easy
  • Overall: I would give this mug a 8/10. This mug is way too cute not to have in your halloween themed home, even just as a conversation piece. Its easy to find, not too expensive to get, and fun to drink from. Recommended to any halloween lover.

Gift Recommendation: Male or female. Halloween. Day of the Dead Fans. Black and White. Sugar Skull. Horror.

Featured Drink is “Pumpkin Hot Chocolate” from The Marvelous Adventures of a Foodie. Check out the Recipe Here.

Get the mug: Bought at any Hallmark until November, these mugs are going fast. Buy online Here for $12.99


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