Mugsnleaf: Who are We?

The Fika Lifestyle has always been something that interested me the moment I knew what it meant: Good Coffee (or tea). Good Company. Good Treats.

The Hygge trend bring you momentary comfort and the Lagom trend gives you life-long balance. Fika is a mix of it in the Swedish lifestyle, in the terms of having a good coffee break.

Mugs have always been a common gift during the holidays. Christmas. Birthdays. Weddings. Baby Showers. Halloween. Canada Day (Hey – any excuse to get a mug!) I have found my collection of them continuously growing over the past few years, as well as my taste for them. How many times have you stopped in a store to admire some of the well decorated porcelain mugs in the window, or found yourself admiring the clay artisan mugs at your local coffee shop.

I want to give to you the aesthetic as well as the lifestyle of someone who likes a lot of great coffee and tea breaks, as well as a good book.
Find out where you can get your favourite mugs, what recipes go great with it, the Fika Lifestyle and all the cozy aesthetics involved.


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